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minimal nginx


Nginx docker image with a minimal set of modules.

Current modules:

  • geoip2
  • stream
  • http_ssl_module
  • http_v2_module
  • http_stub_status_module


Edit conf.env

NGINX_VERSION=x.xx.x          # Nginx version to build from
NGX_GEOIP2_VERSION=x.x        # Nginx geoip2 version to build from
DOCKER_IMAGE=dcarrillo/nginx  # Docker image


Build locally:


Build locally and upload to a registry (you must be logged in to the registry)

./ --push

Build locally, tag image as latest and upload to a registry (you must be logged in to the registry)

./ --push --latest



  • docker
  • openssl
  • curl
# build local image

# run tests

Who is using this image is a web service that displays information about your connection, including IP address, geolocation and request http headers. You can easily get your public ip address using curl, wget and other command-line http clients.