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Github pull requests monitor

A WIP non-production ready minimal script to monitor Github pull requests. When a user is added as a reviewer of one or more PR on one or more repositories, an icon on the system tray changes its color.



Create an Oauth token with the following permissions:

  • repo (Full control of private repositories )

Configuration file

Create a file named gprmon.yml at the same level of, example:


# Optional (examples are default values)
interval: 30           # Interval between checks
log_level: INFO        # Log level verbosity
url: "https://<github url>" # for github hosted only

# Mandatory
organization: "<organization/owner of the repository>"
token: "<oauth token>" # can be set as environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN
user: "<user>"         # user to look up among the reviewers
  - "repo1"
  - "repo2"
  - "repon"