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Daniel Carrillo 9584e05025 Merge upstream/master 2024-02-10 15:01:56 +01:00
Roman Perepelitsa d03bc03fdd prompt: update powerlevel10k submodule to v1.20.0
Release notes:

2024-01-26 03:21:09 -06:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri ac356c8cf6
Adjust instruction for setting custom $ZDOTDIR
Adjust instruction for setting custom `$ZDOTDIR`.

This addresses 2 potential issues:
- Check for the presence of `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/zsh` before assigning it to `$ZDOTDIR` instead of blindly assigning
- Avoid recursion in zsh variable assignment stack that might occasionally result in messages like:
zsh: job table full or recursion limit exceeded
2024-01-18 19:13:22 -06:00
Daniel Carrillo e7a12fdf06 Merge upstream/master 2023-12-05 15:28:28 +01:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri c0cdc12708 editor: Adjust subheading level in documentation 2023-11-30 14:14:18 -06:00
Kuruyia 380b96a218 feat(editor): add zstyle configuration for WORDCHARS 2023-11-30 14:14:18 -06:00
Daniel Carrillo 335311ba21 Merge upstream/master 2023-11-09 19:40:11 +01:00
Nobuhiro Takaichi f04191aa8a feat: Update submodules to avoid error with using zsh 5.9 2023-11-08 13:11:49 -08:00
Abizer Lokhandwala 347441abdf remove alias sl='ls' 2023-11-06 12:44:55 -08:00
John Britton 457ade4f01 python: Remove pyenv init woraround for pyenv >= 2.3.0
The startup logic and instructions have been updated for simplicity in
pyenv 2.3.0. The workaround for pyenv init is no longer necessary.

Signed-off-by: Indrajit Raychaudhuri <>
2023-11-05 15:04:27 -06:00
Daniel Carrillo 371a821785 Merge upstream/master 2023-09-15 21:21:51 +02:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri 5ac930d96b history-substring-search: Tweak documentation and cleanup 2023-09-12 00:08:57 -05:00
mritd 74a19fb665 docs(history-substring-search): add `prefixed` setting example comment
add `prefixed` setting example comment

Signed-off-by: mritd <>
2023-09-12 00:08:57 -05:00
mritd 9bf1ae66bc feat(history-substring-search): add `prefixed` setting
support zsh-history-substring-search `HISTORY_SUBSTRING_SEARCH_PREFIXED` env

Signed-off-by: mritd <>
2023-09-12 00:08:57 -05:00
dllud bd180eec72 history-substring-search: add fuzzy and unique 2023-09-11 21:59:05 -05:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri 1b0cc0a219 utility: Detect lsd and honor its GNU ls compatibility
lsd (LSDeluxe) is a modern GNU compatibile alternative to ls. Detect if
it is aliased to ls and honor its GNU ls compatibility.
2023-09-11 21:55:05 -05:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri 64d46c407a completion: Update completion submodule to 0.35.0 2023-09-11 21:38:29 -05:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri 5ac0777191 history-substring-search: Update history-substring-search submodule to 1.1.0 2023-09-11 21:38:29 -05:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri d80e4aa86c prompt: Update pure submodule to 1.22.0 2023-09-11 21:38:29 -05:00
Daniel Carrillo 10af109421 Update the update_script to update all directories under contrib 2023-08-26 20:28:27 +02:00
Daniel Carrillo 1b514f0738 Merge upstream/master 2023-07-03 19:35:51 +02:00
Roman Perepelitsa c9c716e9c1 prompt: update powerlevel10k submodule to v1.19.0
Release notes:

2023-06-22 22:53:09 -07:00
Daniel Carrillo aebed776a0 Merge upstream/master 2023-06-01 10:52:36 +02:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri 8d00c51900 python: Remove pip completion from prezto local
pip completion is bundled with Zsh 5.9. Remove it from prezto local to
avoid shadowing the bundled completion.
2023-05-17 21:11:58 -05:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri 8ee9d1bbfe general: Documentation update for zstyle based alias skipping support
Add documentation to surface the `zstyle` based alias skipping.
2023-05-17 02:39:09 -05:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri 5ca892d6af history: Reformat inline comments 2023-05-17 02:38:50 -05:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri e14fdff4cb history: Remove interim zstyle variables 2023-05-17 02:38:50 -05:00
Roman Perepelitsa 3c002f772e prompt: update powerlevel10k submodule to v1.18.0
Release notes:

2023-05-04 13:51:19 -05:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri f7cb1fee1b gnu-utility: Remove now obsolete egrep and fgrep
These were marked deprecated for a while and has now been marked
obsolete since gnu-grep 3.8 [1]. They have been removed from POSIX as
well [2].

2023-04-27 19:11:59 -05:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri 52bf42f887 python: Expand Python command pattern per convention
Use `(i)python[0-9.]#` as subscript for commands associative array,
following the convention [1] of detection python more exhaustively.

[1] 858b8de3d7/Completion/Unix/Command/_python (L1)
2023-04-27 19:11:42 -05:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri 8d895a70a5 history: Remove 'HISTFILE' path relocation warning
'HISTFILE' path relocation was done 2 years ago. It's time to cleanup
the warning message.
2023-04-27 19:11:24 -05:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri e7f75d20bc prompt: Remove 'powerlevel9k' deprecation warning
'powerlevel9k' is unsupported and deprecated for 2 years now. It's time
to cleanu the deprecation warning message.
2023-04-27 19:11:24 -05:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri f5dff4fe22 prompt: Update pure submodule to 1.21.0 2023-04-26 23:29:31 -05:00
Indrajit Raychaudhuri 0c364cdd5e prompt: Update async submodule to 1.8.6 2023-04-26 23:29:31 -05:00
Daniel Carrillo c900ea5d85 Merge upstream/master 2023-04-21 17:16:23 +02:00
mattmc3 da87c79b3a Add zstyle to skip aliases for additional modules 2023-04-13 09:33:48 -07:00
Daniel Carrillo 365499b873 Merge upstream/master 2023-02-10 19:15:16 +01:00
Julio Batista Silva fc444f57e1 gnu-utility: add awk
2023-01-31 15:48:11 -08:00
mattmc3 8be95c9c7e Fix osx module manp function 2023-01-29 23:04:58 -08:00
Daniel Carrillo fab4caffc7 Merge upstream/master 2023-01-21 19:48:05 +01:00
Roman Perepelitsa a4ca924310 prompt: update powerlevel10k submodule to v1.17.0
Release notes:

2023-01-14 14:23:04 -08:00
huyz e50b93ca88 Fix zcompile race condition
2023-01-12 11:00:24 -08:00
Daniel Carrillo 047a898d5d Merge upstream/master 2022-11-01 17:21:41 +01:00
Jeff Widman e3a9583f33 Support `virtualenvwrapper` with / without `pyenv` `virtualenv-init` or `virtualenvwrapper` plugins
The desired logic is:

For the `pyenv` plugins `virtualenv-init` and `virtualenvwrapper`:
1. If either plugin is present, activate it
2. If `virtualenvwrapper` plugin is not present, then
   [fallback to standard
3. If `virtualenvwrapper` plugin is present, then [don't fallback to
   standard `virtualenvwrapper`, regardless of whether `virtualenv-init`

Previously, if the `virtualenv` command was present but `pyenv` was
missing, then the fallback wouldn't be hit. This bug was introduced by which ensured that
the `pyenv` `virtualenvwrapper` plugin was activated if present,
regardless of the presence of the `virtualenv-init` plugin.

As an optimization, the check for the `pyenv` plugins are skipped if
`pyenv` itself isn't found.

Since we only want to fallback if the `pyenv` `virtualenvwrapper` plugin
is missing, but that's buried within the `pyenv` logic and we also need
to handle when `pyenv` itself is missing, this switches to using a flag

I also renamed the `virtualenv_sources` var to
`virtualenvwrapper_sources` as `virtualenv` is distinct from
`virtualenvwrapper`, so using one name for a var that is really about
the other is confusing.

Looking at `git blame`, there's a _lot_ of prior art here around trying
to support all the permutations of `pyenv` and various plugins:

So we need to be extremely careful to continue to support all these

2022-10-26 22:03:42 -07:00
Jeff Widman ca9012c776 Set `EXTENDED_GLOB` in the python module
This is needed to find python. 

It is often already set because a user has the directory or completion module loaded before this, but that's not always true.

See extensive debugging / further explanation here:

This does not fully resolve that issue, as there's another enhancement that I'll put up as a separate PR.
2022-10-25 15:54:00 -07:00
Michael Hoang 97f36e9402 Add `-` alias for `cd -`
Taken with love from `oh-my-zsh`
2022-10-25 15:23:59 -07:00
Thomas Blaschke 357ce2ebbf Add exception for PyCharm terminal emulation
Do not autostart tmux if we start a terminal inside PyCharm. Should also work for other JetBrains products.
2022-10-12 16:20:42 -06:00
Daniel Carrillo a39ac57061 [aws] Add funcs for ssm parameters 2022-10-05 19:37:22 +02:00
Daniel Carrillo 77edfff10e Merge upstream/master 2022-08-26 19:40:40 +02:00
Shea690901 51c4ff6de4 feat(module/ssh): add globbing for ssh-add param
fixes #2000

Signed-off-by: Shea690901 <>
2022-08-03 18:52:34 -05:00